Milwaukee 5616-Max-Horsepower EVS Multi Base

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Milwaukee 5616-24 2-¼ -Max-Horsepower EVS Multi-Base Router Kit Includes Plunge Base and BodyGrip

Milwaukee 5616-24 2-¼ -Max-Horsepower EVS Multi-Base Router Kit Includes Plunge Base and BodyGrip Fixed Base

Product Description
Multi-Base Router Kits Type: Router Kit (Fixed & Plunge) Type of Power: Electric Collet Size: 1/4 - 1/2 Minimum RPM: 10000 Maximum RPM: 24000 Amperage Rating: 13.0 Horsepower: 2-1/4

  • Precise macro/micro depth adjustment systemto 1/64 increment, 3 metal depth scale and adjustable pointer
  • Premium plunge system with four-point Oil Impregnated PM Bushing design
  • 6-Position(1/8 increment) adjustable metal turret stops for precise, multiple-pass routing
  • Tough, machined aluminum motor housing and base
  • Quick release motorallows adds the convenience of pop & drop quick base changes,passing motor between bases

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Super warranty
I have been really pleased with this product. I purchased the Milwaukee after getting (and returning) the Porter Cable Multi-base Router. There is no comparison between the two. Milwaukee is much higher quality. I wish all tools were made this solid and engineered with such great care. This is a quality tool from the case to every part inside it! I had a problem with it within the first 8 months. I was worried about getting it repaired. However, I found that Milwaukee is repaired locally and when I took it in, the guys in the shop said there isn't a better company out their than Milwaukee. No questions asked. They would even pay the shipping if I did not want to bother stopping by the shop to pick it up when done! Wish everyone gave that kind of service!

This is the Router You Want.
I purchased this router with some apprehension because of all the great reviews I was reading on tool websites about the Bosch routers. Let me say those reviews must have been sponsored by Bosch as this router is a joy to work with. I have used the Bosch on the job and liked it's performance but it just didn't meet my expectations of what I was expecting in a router. The Milwaukee exceeded the Bosch in every category. Holding the tool you can tell by the heft that it is going to pack more power. The start-up is smooth and effortless. When running through wood you can move quickly with no bogging down. The Base change is straightforward and painless. Bits are changed with two wrenches (supplied) and takes no time at all. The Plunge base has release and depth adjustments in easy reach and moves smoothly weather you are applying even pressure to both sides or just to one side. The case it comes with feels sort of empty as there are a multitude of slots for additional accessories. I'd love to mention something I felt needed improvement but I haven't run into any short-comings as of yet and can only shower praise to the this tool. No regrets.

Best router I've ever used
This router is awesome. I have bought cheap routers in the past, they last a couple of years then they break. This router is by far the smoothest running and most powerful router I have used. The variable speed dial on the router makes it easier to handle. This router is very solid and built very well, it should last me many years.

This is a well thought out tool
Milwaukee 5616-24 2-¼ Max HP EVS Multi-Base Router Kit Includes Plunge Base and BodyGrip Fixed BaseI found recently that my Porter-Cable Plunge Router had a slightly bent shaft. A new Armature/Shaft Assembly was $110.00 and several weeks to get, so I decided that the best course of action in order to be able to continue with my kitchen cabinets was to purchase a new plunge router. This Milwaukee 5616-24 KIt was an excellent choice. The P-C did not have a removable cylindrical motor assembly so it was a pain to install and remove it from my Bench Dog Router Table when I needed to use it freehand and I had to tie down the switch when using it as a table router. With the Milwaukee, I leave the fixed base on the router table and just switch the motor to the plunge base when I need to do freehand work. Also, since I am cutting numerous blind dados, the 1/8" step and repeat feature is great. Just set the bit on the work surface, set the depth plunger, then rotate the "step" beneath the plunger and cut an 1/8" at a time so you don't get chip buildup interference. The collet setup on the Milwaukee is better than the P-C. On the other hand, the P-C does have dynamic braking so it stops very quickly when it is turned off and it has a much better soft start feature. That said, the Milwaukee is a superior tool.

Milwaukee 5616-24 Router
I purchased the Milwaukee 5616-24 to supplement my Bosch plunge router. I often cut tenons of various sizes and having two plunge routers set to different depths allows me to finish the parts faster. I specifically wanted a new router that had a better method of selecting the plunge depth. Although my Bosch's manual claims adjusting the depth is easy, adjusting to a specific depth within a .010 inch tolerance requires too many test cuts. The reason being the microadjustment knob moves both the bit and the depth control rod. Making fine adjustments requires several steps, not just moving the microadjustment knob. The depth adjustment mechanism on the Milwaukee 5616-24 only moves the depth control rod. This simplifies the process and allows quick depth changes. Another feature I like about the Milwaukee is it has two springs to suppport the plunge base. The single spring in the Bosch plunge router often allowed the unit to bind when plunging. This would prevent the bit from making a smooth controlled entry into the work piece. The Milwaukee's plunge base is much easier to control.

I also have used the fixed base. It was very easy to remove the motor from the plange base and install it in the fixed base. Regardless of the base the router performed well. I like the soft start and the motor seems to have plenty of power. I have not used it mounted in a table so I can not comment on those features. The only Bosch feature I think I prefer is the shape of the base. It has a D shape rather than being completely circular. Since I prefer to use a fence instead of a guide attachment, the flat part of the base allows you to keep the router in the same position (i.e. It does not rotate.) through the entire cutting motion. This is not a large advantage, because the base centering cone that comes with the Milwaukee does an excellent job. Although the router rotated slightly while I moved it along a fence, there was no noticeable undulation in the resulting edge.

To date I have only used it to build one table, but I am very pleased with its performance.

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